Top Quality Tender Lamb

Most shoppers simply aren’t aware that meat is as seasonal as vegetables. Did you know, for example, that the peak season for lamb is between April and September? That’s the time when it’s at its most plentiful. Here at Machin’s we devote a lot of time and effort into sourcing the very best lamb around and vary our suppliers according to the seasons. As the lambing season runs later in Scotland, we get Scottish lamb later in the year straight from the heather covered hills and glens. We’re always able to tell you the breed of lamb on sale and where it’s from.

Everyone has their favourite cut of lamb – its sweet flavour and tenderness is found equally in chops and steaks, neck fillets and shanks. But we can also advise you about other equally tasty but not so well known cuts. Whether you want to spend less without sacrificing flavour or simply just want to be more adventurous with your cooking, let us help.

Roast leg of lamb is a great British tradition. Let us butterfly one for you and you can then experiment with a marinade. For a slightly less expensive option, try roasting a rack of lamb. Neck of lamb is great in Lancashire Hot Pot and braised lamb shanks are a tasty option for the family or an impressive dinner party dish. Minced lamb is central to shepherds pie and also in spicy Middle Eastern koftas. We can advise you on recipes and which spices you’ll need – buy these from us too. Mint and rosemary may be your first choices but did you know that French Mustard, tarragon and even coriander complement the flavour of lamb too?

We also stock meat from rare breeds from the Scottish Isles of Lewis and Uist, both part of the Hebrides. Not only is the taste incredible but by buying a cut of meat from an endangered breed you’re also helping conserve it by supporting the farmers that rear them. And you’re giving your family a culinary treat! The flavour is slightly more gamey and you may find it needs to be cooked slowly in a slightly cooler oven.

All our meats are available directly from our shop.


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