The Christmas queue for our turkeys has become a legend in itself! I’ve heard people joke that they don’t want the queue to move too quickly as they want to have time for a chat!

We start taking Christmas orders in November. Our customers love our quality bronze free-range turkeys which have proved hugely popular in the 20 years we’ve been selling them.  They’re from a farmer in Thame – Pat Lambert – who knows just how to rear this slow growing traditional breed and raise them to the highest standard. They are hung for 10 days, dry plucked by hand, individually boxed and delivered here.

As you would imagine, Christmas is an incredibly busy time for us and we love it!  We’re open from 7am until 7pm for three or four days at Christmas. By 1pm on Christmas Eve the last turkey has gone and it gives us the chance to go for a beer. That’s when Christmas really starts for us.

Our chickens are all free range as the flavour is far superior. They’re from Blakenhall Park, a company in Burton upon Trent. As with turkeys, we’ve always opted for slower growing breeds for quality and taste. We’re not interested in the fast growing strains of birds that are intensively reared indoors. Our chickens are reared outdoors in small groups on English pastures.  Obviously they cost more to produce but for us quality comes first and foremost.

Chicken is such a versatile meat. One top piece of advice – never throw the bones away but use them to make stock. We waste so much food in this country but people are finally waking up to the fact that you can make great meals out of leftovers. If our customers ask us for chicken bones we don’t charge for them but we do ask for a donation to the air ambulance service. We’re proud to have raised £4,000 over the years thanks to our customers.

‘The guys at Machin’s are all so helpful and knowledgeable. If you are unsure of which types/cuts of meat to use for recipes, they can always recommend the best option.’

Review from UK TV