Truffled Poached Chicken

(Truffled Poached Chicken download as pdf)


1 Black truffle
A 3lb chicken
3 medium carrots peeled
1 onion top & tail but with skin on
4 medium leeks
4oz butter
Bouquet garni
4 pints chicken stock
Salt & pepper

1) Prepare the chicken

Gently scrub the truffle, then peel it retaining the trimmings, now slice it thinly
Work your hands under the chicken breast
Pulling the skin away from the breast work your hands down to the legs.
Then slip the sliced truffle under the skin.

2) Cooking the chicken

Put the bird into a large pan, surround with the vegetables and the bouquet garni, then cover with stock
Bring to the boil & skim.
Season to taste with salt & pepper.
Poach uncovered for 60 minutes skimming every now & then.
Remove chicken after the time is up and allow to drain & cool, but keep warm
Sieve the stock into a large bowl.
Clean the pan and return the stock to it

3) Cooking the leeks

Put a large pan of slightly salted water on to heat
Cut the leeks into pieces
Blanch the leeks in rapidly boiling water for 3 minutes (they should be slightly underdone) then refresh in cold water.
Chop the truffle peelings finely and add to the softened butter in a small bowl with some salt & pepper and mash it all together.
Put the leeks into a sauté pan over a medium heat then add the truffled butter and serve with the warm chicken.