Machin’s Beef – A Cut Above The Rest

Roast beef, sirloin steak, casseroles, home-made burgers – we don’t need to tell you how versatile beef is. But what we can assure you is that the flavour of our beef is second to none. It’s not unusual for people, especially the older generation, to comment that meat simply doesn’t taste as good as it used to. And in many cases they’re right. Cheaply produced meat can never taste as good as meat from animals that have been reared with respect, been fed a quality diet and have lived in comfort.

Our customers are very interested in knowing about the origins of their food. When they ask we need to be able to tell them exactly where the animal has come from and the life that it has led. It needs to have been raised in a stress free environment using natural feed.

Here at Machin’s our team is dedicated to selling only meat which matches the high standards we set in everything we do. We deal personally with farmers and producers to ensure the provenance and quality of our supplies in order to present you with those products in their absolute prime. Our beef is hung for four weeks because, quite simply, it improves the quality, flavour and tenderness.
Try our beef once and it’s a fair bet you’ll be back for more.

‘When you want to do a really special Sunday roast you will get really special meat here – along with the knowledge that it is sympathetically sourced and that just the right amount will be sold to you if you specify how many you are intending to feed! A joy to shop at and long may it survive the supermarket freight train!’

Local Customer