We are offering a limited amount of slots per day within a 5 mile radius of Henley to deliver your orders.

  • Ring us Tuesday to Saturday to reserve your delivery,
  • Cash on delivery
  • Order before 3pm and we will deliver to you between 9-12pm the next day.
  • Deliveries will be an additional £5

Ring us and we can offer exactly the cut of meat you need – a far wider range than will be available in a supermarket. Maybe you want cheaper cuts without compromising quality or taste. You can trust our expert team to give you the best advice and help with portion sizes.

As well as a wide range of meat, we stock a wide variety of Britain’s best quality fish and seafood – Scottish rope grown mussels, salmon smoked in our very own onsite smokery – plus quality locally sourced game and cheeses we have a larder of ingredients to inspire any chef.

We stock delicious oils and vinegars plus all manner of spices and sauces, cheeses and deli items both local and continental, please ask us what we have in stock.

Is your mouth watering yet?

‘Machins is a great shop with proper old-fashioned ideas about selling the best meat.  Henley is lucky to have such an asset in the town centre.’

Mike Robinson

Beef – Roasting joints

Topside, Boneless Sirloin, Rolled Rib Eye

1kg feeds approx. 4-5 people.

Rib of Beef

1kg feeds approx 2-3 people.

Fillet of Beef

1kg feeds approx 5-6 people.


Whole Shoulder of Pork on the Bone
1kg serves approximately 2 – 3 people.

Boneless Leg of Pork
1kg serves approximately 4 people.

Loin of Pork ( on the bone)
1kg feeds approx. 4-5 people.

1kg on the bone feed approx 3-4

Loin of Pork (Boned and Rolled)

1kg feeds approx. 4-5 people.

Belly Pork

1kg on the bone feeds approx. 3 people

Spare Ribs

1kg consists of approx. 6 ribs


Shoulder of Lamb

A Whole Shoulder feeds approx. 5-6 people

Leg of Lamb

Feeds approx 6 people

Single Lamb Chops – Approx. 90g (loin, Barnsley)

we suggest serving 2 per portion

Chump Chops (Approx 150g)

1 or 2 per person

Lamb Shanks

Serve 1 per portion (min 400g each)


Poultry and Game