Traditional Sausages That Taste Good

Bangers and mash, spicy sausages, chipolatas for the kids – when it comes to sausages, we’re proud of our tradition of tasty fresh sausages most of which are made right here at Machin’s.

Mechanically retrieved meat has no place at Machins. We use traditional methods which we believe reflect in the flavour. We devote a lot of time to our sausages from sourcing the best suppliers to telling our customers about our range of sausages.

Our pigs are reared locally and we’re more than happy with the living conditions the animals enjoy. They live contented lives in the Oxfordshire countryside with their corrugated iron shelters and quality feed. Knowing where our meat comes from is important both to us and to our customers. We buy whole animals and use the offcuts and hock meat for our sausages and the loin and leg for bacon and ham.

And we’re obviously doing something right – the list of awards our sausages have won is impressive.

We also stock Boerewors, a South African sausage. These are made with beef and pork fat and flavoured with coriander and vinegar. Cook them on the grill or pop them on the BBQ. Delicious.

DID YOU KNOW? The word sausage is derived from the Latin ‘salsus’ which means preserved and salted meat.

WHY ARE SAUSAGES CALLED BANGERS?  Bread was once used as a filler but this gave off a gas when cooked which caused the sausage to split or burst. These days a yeastless rusk is used which means there’s no need to prick a sausage before cooking.

‘A great range of award winning sausages! I love them all!’

Local Customer