Fish, Seafood, Samphire and Much More!

We have two main suppliers of fish and seafood– one in Scotland and one on the South coast covering the area from Cornwall to Eastbourne.  We’re extremely fortunate as we get the pick of the crop but it’s because we pay a bit more. We pay for the freshness, for expert advice and recommendations. Our organic farmed salmon comes from the Shetlands and the wild version comes from the best beats in Scotland. They’re both delicious and we’re proud that we smoke our own salmon on site in our smokery.

Our mussels are mainly the smaller wild ones which we get from Poole Harbour. But we also have deliveries of rope grown ones from Scotland when in season between September and June.  We stick with the seasons as that’s the only way to guarantee top quality food. Out of season mussels tend to lose their flavour but when seasonal, they have a wonderful delicate flavour. Keep it simple – cook them with onions and white wine, add maybe a touch of cream and serve with warm crusty bread – beautiful. Don’t let the thought of preparing them put you off cooking them. We can offer helpful advice such as how to clean them and to discard any that are open before cooking.

Between May and July we get Cornish sardines. They’re wonderful barbecued or grilled. Our herrings originate from Norway but our roll mops and herrings in dill are both prepared in Orkney.

We get halibut from Newfoundland in Canada. Tuna we get from the Maldives and Sri Lanka. It’s all line caught mainly from day boats. We don’t buy from commercial boats at all. Our smoked mackerel fillets come from Scotland and kippers from the Isle of Man.

When we can find it, we also sell samphire, a vegetable that grows in and out of the tidelines around Britain. It’s very popular with our customers. It tastes similar to asparagus and is very nutritious, full of iron and vitamins. It’s also versatile –  blanch it and use it in salads or fry it in butter and season with black pepper. I use it in stir-fries.

Providing ingredients such as samphire in Machin’s is vital to us as it proves we will go that extra distance to find out what our customers truly want. That personal touch gives us the vital edge. We’re here to help but we also love getting ideas from our customers. It definitely works both ways.

‘Simply the best butcher in the UK….’

Local customer