Roast pork and crackling, pork chops, tasty gammon or a simple bacon sandwich. Here at Machin’s we sell only the best quality pork meat for all of your favourite dishes. You can rest assured that all of our pigs are sourced from Wood’s Farm in Watlington. This is good news for several reasons. Firstly, the meat is incredibly fresh so the flavour is at its best. Plus you don’t have to worry about the whole issue of food miles, as the meat hasn’t had to travel halfway across the planet to reach you! And we know from what we see when we visit the farm that the animals enjoy a healthy, stress-free outdoor life.

Let us help advise you on the different cuts of meat. Whether you’re keen to replicate a restaurant meal for friends or want to try out a new recipe, we’re here to help. Maybe you’re keen to find more economical cuts of pork. Here at Machin’s we know of ways to help cut your food bills without sacrificing quality.  Take pork belly for example. It’s one of the cheaper cuts of meat and if you’ve never tried it you’re missing a treat. Maybe, like some people, you mistakenly assume it’s fatty and unappetising. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We can score the skin for you so that you can marinade the meat ideally overnight before cooking slowly for several hours. The result? Exquisitely tender, tasty meat. Serve with pea and potato mash and gravy. Delicious!

Let us suggest recipes to really bring the taste out of whichever cut you opt for. Pork is  wonderfully versatile and we’re passionate about helping you to create a meal you’ll be proud of.

‘The knowledge!
Veal Kidneys? No problem
Goose Livers? Ditto.
Their rolled Angus Sirloin was the best ever. Full marks!’