Big Cheese

Thanks to Machin’s you don’t have to travel miles to sample quality cheeses from around the country. We do the hard work for you by ensuring that we stock a huge variety of quality, flavoursome cheeses some made locally and some from further afield. Just some of the cheeses we stock:

Mons, Carron Lodge, Hawksridge Dairy, Village maid, Two Hoots, Barkham Blue, Nettlebed Creamery cheeses Bix and St Bartholomew and very proud to be stocking Cornish Kern the latest world champion awarded at the World cheese awards in London.

The farm has been organic since 2001 and its healthy, robust herd comprises of a three-way cross of Montbeliardes, Swedish Reds and Holstein Fresians. The cows graze on grass and clover leys with additional herbs such as chicory, plantain and yarrow. The quality of the milk and the terroir of the farm is expressed wonderfully in the unpasteurised cheeses.

When we started selling cheese 20 years ago, we only stocked Stilton for the Christmas market. We then moved on to top quality cheddar. Both cheeses were so well received that that we realized there was a growing market for quality cheeses both from Britain and abroad.

We can offer advice on all aspects from the buying and storing of cheese to the best ways to serve it and have regular tasting sessions for cheeses and salamis every Saturday morning which have proved to be immensely popular.

Please do take a deserved break from your Saturday shopping and pop in to see what’s on offer at Machin’s  You’ll be impressed both by how many cheeses we stock and their incredible quality. Is blue cheese a particular favourite of yours? Well, we stock several different blue cheeses each with a totally different flavour. Not many retail outlets offer such an impressive choice.

We stock pasteurized and unpasteurised cheeses from England, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. You’ll be spoilt for choice.
Our fuller flavour cheeses are very popular. Our top seller is the Montgomery Cheddar from Yeovil, a cheese which has won several top awards.

‘There are cheeses here that you will never find in any supermarket Including a great range of un pasteurised cheeses’

Local Customer